Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Watering your plant

In our new series gardening suggestions; we will post a weekly gardening advice to answer many questions for our visitors. Today we encourage you to water your plants. Water is the special feature of life on this planet. All chemical reactions inside cells take place in a watery solution. Water is the mainstay of all that goes on in a plant. The reactions of respiration and photosynthesis all take place in solution in water and it is water pressure, acting in conjunction with the skeleton of cell walls, which keeps the plant upright. Water has some remarkable and specials properties. As gardeners, we must be in constant alert to our plants “need for that precious liquid”. Even if it is raining, it is a very good idea to water thoroughly newly planted seedlings or plants transferred from elsewhere. This settles small soil particles round the roots and the roots hairs, and make sure they are properly in contact with a film of water, rather than stranded in an air space. It is a good idea to do this at some distance from the stem. Read more